Die richtige Standortwahl:Gewerbemieten in FrankfurtRheinMain 2018The right location: Commercial rents in FrankfurtRheinMain 2018

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  • The rental charges given are current ranges, given as “from–to” prices, for a typical property in that location or on that site. Deviations from the features given in the land area categories produce increases or reductions.
  • The rental-charge ranges give information about the net cold rent (i.e. exclusive of heating) of a submarket and are expressed in euro per square metre per month.
  • The modal rents indicated give an additional reference point within the indicated range. The greatest number of properties typical for the location are rented at this price.
  • The table shows the market for new lettings; rents for existing tenancies are not taken into consideration.
  • Unusually high or low prices are not taken into consideration, so that contracts can occur with agreed rental charges that are not included in the range or modal rents.
  • These prices do not include subsidiary agreements between tenants and landlords (for instance rent-free periods or building cost subsidies).
  • The prices are based on a survey among business development agencies, estate agents and experts in the respective CCI districts.
  • Where there was insufficient data, no value is given, and this is indicated by N.S. (Not Specified).

The rental charges indicated do not claim to be correct or complete. This table of rents is intended purely as a guide. Where required, the opinion of a sworn, publicly appointed expert should be obtained.

Office spaces
Office spaces are defined as spaces in which typical desk work can be carried out and which can be traded on the office space market. There is no distinction between the different office space standards; in other words the ranges cover all office spaces from the simple standard through to the luxury standard.

Retail spaces
Retail spaces are defined as standard spaces up to approx. 120 m² of selling space. Spaces in shopping centres are not taken into consideration. The retail spaces are divided into 1A locations, and 1B locations and secondary locations, based on their location. In the Frankfurt am Main CCI district, standard spaces of approx. 60 to 120 m² are classified as retail spaces. In addition, for the Frankfurt am Main CCI district, in the retail segment, no rental charge ranges are given, only modal rents.

The locations are defined as follows
1A locations: A locations have the highest levels of foot traffic. At the same time, the pedestrians‘ intention to buy differentiates A locations from places that also register very large numbers of visitors (for example, traffic junctions or tourist attractions). The A locations contain the greatest density of businesses, including anchor tenants and, frequently, branch businesses

1B and secondary locations: Locations outside the 1A locations, which have lower levels of foot traffic and a lower density of businesses than the 1A locations.

Warehouse, logistics and production spaces
Warehouse, logistics and production spaces are defined as heatable spaces between 500 and 5,000 m² with high-voltage electrical connections, a ceiling height of at least five metres and ramp gates or ground-level access. The prices given exclude the largest office or communal areas (approx. > 10 % of the total space).


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